20 Questions Every Teenager Should Ask Themselves Before Entering into Adulthood

20 Questions Every Teenager Should Ask Themselves Before Entering into Adulthood
By Ahmad Amirali

Last week, one of my students suddenly showed up in my class after two weeks of uninformed leaves. She looks embarrassed and quiet, so I simply leave the matter by asking about how is she and how is everything at her end. After class, she came to me and apologise for her irregularities and inform me that she was not quite well. Upon asking, she confesses that she wants to shift her career in finance and economics, however, her family is not in her favour. I asked her what she wanted to be and she said, she is good at maths so she might do well in finance. While listening to her, I start thinking about an issue every teenager nowadays is bumping into their lives. Nope, it’s not about how to choose a perfect career (even though it’s a matter concern for almost every teen). I was wondering, What does she need to do to identify her greatest potential? But most importantly, when she needs to do that self-assessment?

Yes, it’s not about what you will do in your future careers, it’s about HOW will you do it. Do you have enough strength or potential or capacity to overcome such future challenges which your newly adopted job going to throw at you? Sir, I don’t know what you are talking about? How would I know about anything which I never experienced or planned in my life before? Well, there is a way to know and recognise what you truly possess for your future pathways and that will be, start questioning your heart and mind. Make a list of the following questions which I believe is necessary for every teenager to ask themselves before entering into their adulthood.

  1. If you could be an ice cream flavour for a day, what would you be? What flavour represents your personality?
  2. What is your biggest fear in life?
  3. What accomplishment are you most proud of and why? What did you overcome to succeed?
  4. If you could re-live a day, which day would it be? And if you re-live a personality, what personality would it be?
  5. No pain – No gain. Do you agree with that? Why and why not.
  6. Why is going to school important for you? (besides the fact that your parents want you to go to school)
  7. If you find an infinite number of Legos, what would you build? And why.
  8. What book(s) made a lasting impact on you?
  9. Which part of your body is more important to you; your feet or your hands? (One answer).
  10. Some believe that teachers can become a mentor to their students. Who is your teacher that you admire the most? Would you want to be like him/her?
  11. Is a small flower, less important than an old tree?
  12. If you could only speak five words, what would they be?
  13. Are you happy with yourself? Why and why not.
  14. When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
  15. What makes you smile when you open your eyes in the morning? What makes you sad?
  16. What do you like, sunrises or sunsets? Rain or shine?
  17. Is the glass half full, half empty or both?
  18. If you happened to sketch a self-portray (unprofessional), from which part of your face you want to start sketching?
  19. What is your biggest secret?
  20. Have you ever cried before, when you hurt from something or someone? Do you prefer crying? Why and why not.

The answer to these questions can only be known to you. However, it takes time and commitment to find out the correct answer to these questions. Therefore, to find out your potential keep asking these questions before going to sleep every night. The interesting part of this game is that you will find more than one answer to every question listed above 😊.

Keep this in mind that when life throws you a bucket of problem, use them and reach out your goals. It’s easy to say then act upon it. The question is, how will you use that bucket of problems? Depend upon how wisely you identify and act upon your problems. One thing is certain, there will be a bucket of problems ready for every one of you 😊.

Good Luck

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