4 Career Challenges Students Will Face as A Recent College Graduate

4 Career Challenges Students Will Face as A Recent College Graduate
By Ahmad Amirali

Some of the memorable times which I still remember are of my school and college days when I was free and different. I bet the majority of you all will feel the same whenever you rejoice your college days with your family and friends. Now the time is changed and so the priorities of our teens. The term ‘memorable’ might have a new meaning to most of our new generation. However, one thing is still a matter of concern to all teens is ‘what can I do after graduation? Surely, there are some pre-planners most significant who might have already decided everything about their future career and what they would like to reach in a year. However, the rest of the graduates feel stressed when it comes to their future.

According to Recruiter, Following are some of the frequent challenges which students faced right after graduation.:

  • No ‘Real World’ Experience Many employers prefer candidates with a little experience in their industry. Even though you have graduated with a degree and presumably know a lot about your industry, real-world job experience will make you more marketable.
  • Unrealistic Expectations You have a degree. That’s wonderful! But so do most of the other candidates. You don’t have experience in the field, you probably don’t have many connections, and you likely don’t have a lot of different expertise that applies to your job search. It’s not realistic to imagine that you’ll land your dream job right out of college or be running a company in three years. These things do, occasionally, happen – but they are the exception, not the rule.
  • Poor Interview Skills, Unfortunately, this is another area that college frequently does not prepare you for. Many students graduate believing that if they have the degree, the skills, and the drive, they’ll get a great job. The reality is that your interview is tremendously essential. From the time you walk into the room until the time you send (or neglect to address) a thank-you card, you are being judged. One wrong answer could mean missing out on a great opportunity.
  • Lack of Direction Recent college graduates are frequently confused about their life’s paths. You might be torn between starting your career and pursuing further education. You might want to travel before you get a job. Or maybe you really want to get to work, but you just don’t know what you want to do

First of all, relaxed and accept the fact that career and jobs are not fruits hanging from a tree which you can pick and eat easily. Yes, these are fruits, but in order to get it – you have to plan and work for it. So, start considering the following points, first:

  • Even though you think there is not a single profession for you (which is senseless to think), do not stop, be in progress, be not afraid of discovering brand-new opportunities for your professional improvement. How? Start your professional training during your college years.
  • Instead of wasting your time, grab any internships during your summer breaks that you think might teach managerial skills and familiarise you with the office environment.
  • Start attending career expos, seminars and workshops to have an updated information about new career pathways.
  • Do your ‘Self-SWOT’ analysis and find out what are your strengths and weaknesses and start working on your findings.
  • If you are not habitual of reading newspaper, start reading it right now to keep yourself up to date about the Job market.
  • Take advantage of online interview skills courses and start practicing interviewing well before you graduate from the college.

Good luck 😊

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