8 Educational Websites for Parents

8 Educational Websites for Parents
By Ahmad Amirali

In my last parent-teacher meeting, I received a complaint from one of the parents, and I must say she had a reason. First, she appreciates me about myreadables and shares some thoughtful reviews with me. However, she humbly asked me:
‘Urdu: آپ ہم والدین کیلۓ کیوں کوئ ریسورس نہیں ڈالتے؟’  ‘English: Why don’t you upload some resources for us, parents, as well?’. So, Parents here is the first instalment of the top 8 websites that help you to engage your child in different activities to practice their reading and math skills.  The resources on these websites are FREE; however, in some sites, you need to make an account. That’s it. I hope you will find these websites helpful in making your child’s reading skills fresh in the upcoming summer break.

One for the thing, suggestions are always welcome J (Share your thoughts in the comment box below or contact me via ‘Contact’ page)

  1. Fun School for Parents

This website is for parents who children between the age of 12 months to 6 years.  The site has a dedicated page for summer activities, including crafts, family activities, cooking and printable worksheets to help your child practice his/her reading and math skills.

  1. Scholastic for Parents

The best part of this website is it has loads of printable activities which are entirely free of cost. Moreover, it has a list of recommended books for children of all ages.  If you are looking for a review of the specific type of books or want to download books over Kindle, check out this website for suggestions.

  1. Book Adventure

Book Adventure is a fun, free way to encourage your child to read! Kids, especially in elementary, middle school (ages 5-6), can find a book, solve quizzes on what they’ve learned, and earn prizes for their reading success

  1. PBS Raise a Reader

Do you want to take the reading habit on a family level? Then this website is for you. The site has loads of material especially for child development and parents as well as for children.

  1. Reading Rockets

Reading Rockets offers a variety of reading tactics, instructional guides, and activities designed to help adolescents learning habit. The reading resources on this website assist parents, teachers, and other educators in helping struggling readers build articulacy, language, and comprehension skills.

  1. Guys Read

It is a web-based literacy program for boys founded by author Jon Scieszka.  His mission is to help boys become self-motivated, lifelong readers.  Check out the information, activities and resources.

  1. Raz Kids

This website includes an online guided material and reading program with interactive, downloadable eBooks and reading quizzes for students age 11 years.

  1. Starfall

It’s a free website to teach preschool, kindergarten and grade one child to read with phonics.  Parents will find exciting phonics games and online interactive books to keep children busy and motivated to read.


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