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I am a secondary school teacher, a visiting faculty of economics, pass time animator and a reflective blogger. Teaching became my passion when I started giving home tuitions to one of my friend’s siblings during my high school summer vacations. However, at first, teaching was not my primary profession. I completed my post-graduation, MBA in Finance, and started pursuing my career as a Banker. After giving five years, I realised that even I become a successful banker, my heart doesn’t belong there. I quit my job and start practising teaching in a secondary school. Meanwhile, I applied for a fully-funded scholarship program and luckily got selected. After investing two years in the UK and completing two Master degrees (MTeach and MA in Education) from the Institute of Education – University College London, I returned to my homeland, Pakistan and formally started teaching secondary school RE students.

It’s been six years since I formally associated with this excellent, yet inspiring profession. During my journey, I learn not only about students and their behaviour, or about the teaching field itself. But I learn about life and the importance of a mentor in it. I believe we’ve all needed a mentor at least once in our lifetime, whose guidance we never want to forget. Every teacher in this world is kind of a mentor to his/her students. In the end, the only thing that cheered a teacher are the memories they have made with their students along the way.

This blog aims to share my classroom reflections, experiences, issues, its suggested solutions and my learnings from it. The blog also consists of articles related to parental involvement and engagement with their kids. Lastly, the blog also includes reviews on books that fascinate me and my fellow teachers around the globe. All in all, this blog contains all of ‘My Readables’ 😊

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Ahmad Amirali