Are you Jet Lagged? No Problem, Physical Exercise is All You Need

Are you Jet lagged? No problem, Physical exercise is all you need
By Ahmad Amirali

In the recent article published in the Journal of Physiology suggests that exercising at certain day times may alter the ‘circadian’ rhythms, possibly offering a new remedy for jet lag and shift work. According to NIH, ‘physical, mental, and behavioural changes that follow a daily cycle,’ that control our bodies. It is believed that light and darkness are the causes of Circadian disorder.

Our brain has a complex network of nerve cells, and through one of these, called optic nerve, our brain receives all the information about the amount typically to light our brain receives. In this way, our mind decides when to sleep. This process disturbs when we travel between different time-zones harming these nerve cells and our body becoming jet lagged. The only solution to minimise this phenomenon is drugs. However, is it possible to treat jetlagged without drugs? Exercise may be the solution to it.

According to Shawn Youngstedt, from the College of Nursing and Health Innovation and the College of Health Solutions at Arizona State University in Phoenix highlighted this question in his research. According to this research, exercise may counter the adverse effects of the circadian disorder. Youngstedt believes that a single treadmill exercise for three consecutive days during the travel period in different time zone may stabilise the body clock. In this way, the level of jetlagged may decreases.

What do you think, what are other ways to eradicate the travel-related jetlagged? Share your views in the comment box below.

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