Bitmojis: Creative Way to add Popular Culture in Classrooms

Bitmojis: Creative Way to add Popular Culture in Classrooms
By Ahmad Amirali

As technology is flourishing, the traditional classrooms are now taking new shape. School classes now become more dynamic, and the use of smart ICT (Information Communication Technology) resources are now standard. From Smart Board to Holographic projectors, students are now engaging more in experiential learning virtually than before. Developing countries like Pakistan, classrooms are still a long way to go in terms of such high-profile smart ICT classroom tools. However, teachers like me, actively use user-friendly smart apps and ICT integrated pedagogies that may create some definite differences in students’ classroom learning experiences.

Last week, one such activity I used in my classroom to celebrate women’s role in our societies. It’s called Bitmojis; it is our emoji or avatar. The avatar can be modified in many ways like hair and eye colour, face shape, and height and weight. We can even dress our avatar in different outfits according to any occasion like Halloween, Christmas or a beach party. Once your personalised Bitmoji generated, it can then be used in any platform of social media; Instagram, Facebook or snapchat in the form of digitising stickers or emojis. Interestingly, these emojis can also update according to the current season or event.

Nowadays, students use Bitmojis already on their social media profiles or sending picture messages to each other. Similarly, teachers are also finding ways to use Bitmojis in their classrooms as an element of fun and pop culture. There are many ways where you can use Bitmoji pedagogy in your classes to provide fun learning experiences to your students.

Here are some ideas:

  • Feedback Stickers
  • Motivational Posters
  • To teach rules and procedures
  • Response or follow-up cards
  • Lesson Recap cards
  • Classroom labels
  • Bookmarks

Want to Know how to create Bitmoji? Follow the Link

Good luck with your Bitmoji fun lessons and share your classroom stories in a comment below.

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