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Peer Relationships and Social Anxiety in Teens

Fearful youth may prioritize competence with Peers and close Friendships.

As a secondary educator, I witnessed adolescence as a critical period marked by numerous physical, emotional, and social changes. It’s a time when peer relationships become essential as teenagers strive to fit in, establish their identity, and navigate the complex landscape of social interactions. Recently, I came across such confessions from one of my students whose social interaction with her peer became the source of immense stress and discomfort, leading to social anxiety. This article will explore the complex relationship between peer relationships and social anxiety in teenagers, shedding light on the factors contributing to social anxiety and ways to address and manage it. Continue reading “Peer Relationships and Social Anxiety in Teens”

The Significance of Peek-A-Boo in Early Childhood Development

It’s been a while since I wrote an article on my reflection. The past few months were a mix of, what I believe, challenging and amazing. I embarked upon a new journey called fatherhood. It’s a whole new journey, frightening at first but rewarding once you know what you’re doing. I am still learning in this fantastic yet incredibly adorable endeavour, and the very first thing I learn is the art of interaction with infants. In the realm of early childhood development, simple games often hold profound significance. Among these games, Peek-A-Boo stands out as a classic favourite that brings joy and laughter to children and adults alike and plays a crucial role in their overall growth and development. Continue reading “The Significance of Peek-A-Boo in Early Childhood Development”

Teen Depression | Are You Feeling Suicidal?

Adolescent suicides are preventable. What parents and educators should know about the reasons, the warning signs and the preventive steps that can protect their teens?

Last week, one of my friends shared an unexpected incident with me about her twelve-year-old niece. She used to maintain a diary in which she takes notes about her daily activities and reflections. One day, her mother was shocked to read some of the entries from her diary where she mentioned that “…I think my life is empty as nobody, even my mother, understands me…I think I should kill myself.” This journal entry of a twelve-year-old gives us a clear look at what kind of stress our teenagers are going through especially when they are confining to their homes, socially distant from their friends and relatives. However, the much-needed question is, are parents aware of how to handle such kind of circumstances? Or what steps parents should take to mitigate the risk? Continue reading “Teen Depression | Are You Feeling Suicidal?”

What It’s Like To Be A Teenager During The Times Of Pandemic?

What new challenges young people face in the era of Covid? What parents (adults) should know about these challenges?

Many of the students recently shared their post-Covid experiences with me during their new term orientation last week. However, the majority of them share a similar phrase, ‘Parents just don’t understand’. Although, this phrase is an old refrain, in present time it has a new definition. I sensed from my students’ reflections that they think their parents should be aware of their challenging moments. As most teenagers are now cut off from schools, their friends, sports, hobbies and everything else that filled their pre-pandemic days, the parent-child relationship is now under more stress than ever.

Jessica Grose, a journalist and novelist at NY Times, writes about parenting adolescents’ challenges in one of her articles ‘ The Hardest Fight to Have With Your Teen.’

‘I have long thought that it might be the hardest for parents of teenagers when it comes to being a parent in the pandemic. Parents of little ones can meet most of our children’s social needs, and our kids still kind of want to be around us. Not so for parents of teens….’ Continue reading “What It’s Like To Be A Teenager During The Times Of Pandemic?”

The Story of Tortoise and the Hare – Inspirational Short Stories Series (Chapter: 2)

What can adolescents learn from Aesop’s classic tale of all time?

Our parents have always guided us that determination and self-motivation is the key to success, and yet we continue this chain by giving the same guidance to our kids. However, have you ever thought why motivation and self-determination are essential for a teenager who just starts seeing the world through their own perspective? According to Shelly D Mohan, self-determination is one of the most significant factors feeding teens ability to make healthy choices.  However, due to extreme competitive environment, peer and outside pressure, teens sometimes find it challenging to make healthy decisions.

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The tortoise and the hare are the Aesop’s one of the marvels among his collection of fables. The story stresses how determination and focus can lead you to success in your goals. The story has been told and retold over the ages in many versions. A race between the pride and the determination – who will win the race? Continue reading “The Story of Tortoise and the Hare – Inspirational Short Stories Series (Chapter: 2)”