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The Fear of Phobias in Teens

The Fear of Phobias in Teens

Once I was conducting a classroom activity to explain the concept of trust to my students. The activity had an instance where one student needed to stand on a chair and fall back without seeing backwards, and four students needed to catch that student. There were four groups when the third group came in front of the class. The student who is supposed to stand on a chair said she would not do that as she was afraid of ‘heights’.  Teenagers likely developed different fears when they entered teenage, for instance; fear of needles, fear of fire, or fear of a thunderstorm. What makes them afraid of any object or situation? To understand this phenomenon among teens, we will explore two terms: Fear and Phobia. Continue reading “The Fear of Phobias in Teens”

How Teachers can Boost Dyslexic Students’ Confidence

How Teachers can Boost Dyslexic Students’ Confidence

When a teacher enters a differentiated classroom, they must ensure that their lesson should be according to their student’s learning styles and provide a healthy and safe learning environment. Teachers must cope with all students learning needs and difficulties, and one of the learning difficulties now becoming common in classrooms is Dyslexia. Many people termed dyslexia as a learning ‘disability’. However, I don’t agree with this elaboration because Dyslexia causes difficulty with reading. It may also impact children’s comprehension, math, spelling and writing proficiency. Dyslexia is a problem with language, not with vision. Students who are having such difficulties are physically active as other children. Dyslexic students needs extra help typically emphases on phonics and spelling rules. It is unfortunate that students, despite having extra care and attention, have a hard time reading. Continue reading “How Teachers can Boost Dyslexic Students’ Confidence”

Ian – A Short Inspirational Story of a Boy Who Has a Cerebral Palsy

Ian – A Short Inspirational Story of a boy Who Had a Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a group of permanent movement disorders that appear in early childhood and may affect a child’s muscle movement, and tone. It is the most common disability in childhood. Children affected with CP may need constant care and support throughout their lives.

Ian (2018) is a short-animated true story of a boy named Ian who has the Cerebral Palsy. All he wants to have friends and play in the playground. But it seems impossible due to the bullying and discrimination which he encountered in his life. Continue reading “Ian – A Short Inspirational Story of a Boy Who Has a Cerebral Palsy”

The Difference a Year Makes: The Dangers of Early Schooling

When starting school, younger children are more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD
By Ahmad Amirali

Last Week, a parent came to me and shared that Inara (made-up name) lacks concentration in class-tasks and her class teacher always complains about Inara’s lack of concentration in classwork. This phenomenon is called ‘Distractibility’ and is common nowadays in both Eastern and Western countries. Commonly, these symptoms associated with the term ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder), according to which, students continuously forget things, make careless mistakes and seem like they are daydreaming in sessions and activities. Continue reading “The Difference a Year Makes: The Dangers of Early Schooling”