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How Teachers can Boost Dyslexic Students’ Confidence

How Teachers can Boost Dyslexic Students’ Confidence

When a teacher enters a differentiated classroom, they must ensure that their lesson should be according to their student’s learning styles and provide a healthy and safe learning environment. Teachers must cope with all students learning needs and difficulties, and one of the learning difficulties now becoming common in classrooms is Dyslexia. Many people termed dyslexia as a learning ‘disability’. However, I don’t agree with this elaboration because Dyslexia causes difficulty with reading. It may also impact children’s comprehension, math, spelling and writing proficiency. Dyslexia is a problem with language, not with vision. Students who are having such difficulties are physically active as other children. Dyslexic students needs extra help typically emphases on phonics and spelling rules. It is unfortunate that students, despite having extra care and attention, have a hard time reading. Continue reading “How Teachers can Boost Dyslexic Students’ Confidence”

Why You Should Make Your Life Spectacular – Robin Williams

Why You Should Make Your Life Spectacular – Robin Williams

Nowadays, students are at the height of school exam pressure, and most of them are wondering the same question I used to ask during my school days ‘what am I going to do? Where am I going to be in 10 years?’ When I hear that students are concerned about their future, I reflect on what makes them worry so much about their careers at 14 or 15 years old. I believe the answer is right, hidden in the question itself. Society, parents, relatives, teachers, even a coach – everyone is expecting something from you, Students.

It is not like I am against this approach; it is good to see my students worry about their future, planning for whatever endeavour they want to achieve in their lives at that early age. However, when the planning starts getting on their nerves, such as high achievers, good grades etc., they start messing with the peace of students’ minds. Ask yourself, is it making any difference if you secure less and someone secures high? Achieving high positions will not guarantee you the highest career position. I know many will argue with me on this approach to life, but the question is, What is your definition of achievement? How do you define the best career? How you define progress, failure or success? It’s all in your head. But Sir, then how I would able to compete with the world? Continue reading “Why You Should Make Your Life Spectacular – Robin Williams”

Why am I Tired all the Time?

Tired all the time? Coffee, at least, is not the best solution

We all feel tired during our day times or at night. The reasons are usually obvious and include:

  • too many sleepless nights
  • long hours spent at work
  • a baby keeping you up at night

But sleepiness or exhaustion that goes on for a long time is not normal. It can affect your ability to get on and enjoy your life. Continue reading “Why am I Tired all the Time?”

The Monk and the Fly: Lifelong Learning in a Short-Animated Movie

A happy Monk wants to meditate under a shady Banyan tree. What could possibly go wrong?
By Ahmad Amirali

Have you ever wondered, what thing(s) does people need desperately in their lives? Love, Money, Success and the list goes on. Yes, we are desperate because we are humans and humans have desires and needs for which they work hard to achieve them. To fulfil our desires we, humans, sometimes get hurt and suffer but sometimes we do hurt others to avoid suffering. In short, humans are vulnerable species with sensitivity and emotions. Continue reading “The Monk and the Fly: Lifelong Learning in a Short-Animated Movie”

Are you Jet Lagged? No Problem, Physical Exercise is All You Need

Are you Jet lagged? No problem, Physical exercise is all you need
By Ahmad Amirali

In the recent article published in the Journal of Physiology suggests that exercising at certain day times may alter the ‘circadian’ rhythms, possibly offering a new remedy for jet lag and shift work. According to NIH, ‘physical, mental, and behavioural changes that follow a daily cycle,’ that control our bodies. It is believed that light and darkness are the causes of Circadian disorder. Continue reading “Are you Jet Lagged? No Problem, Physical Exercise is All You Need”