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The Difference a Year Makes: The Dangers of Early Schooling

When starting school, younger children are more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD
By Ahmad Amirali

Last Week, a parent came to me and shared that Inara (made-up name) lacks concentration in class-tasks and her class teacher always complains about Inara’s lack of concentration in classwork. This phenomenon is called ‘Distractibility’ and is common nowadays in both Eastern and Western countries. Commonly, these symptoms associated with the term ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder), according to which, students continuously forget things, make careless mistakes and seem like they are daydreaming in sessions and activities. Continue reading “The Difference a Year Makes: The Dangers of Early Schooling”

100+ Websites Collection for Educators and Learners

Websites Collection for Students and Teachers
By Ahmad Amirali

In today’s technological era, where every information is available on a ‘click’, it is important to know the authenticity of virtually-available information. Most of the time people ignored this fact and ended up navigating the wrong source of information. Students are most likely the victim of such, what I may say, ‘virtual heresy’. Keeping this in mind, I gathered more than 100 websites which are useful for both students and teachers who want authentic information.  I am sharing these website links on MyReadables. Below is the available link of the website collection page. Continue reading “100+ Websites Collection for Educators and Learners”