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The Power of Deep Curiosity and The Fear of Asking Questions

Questions Are the Fuel to Our Never-ending Search and Enquiry – Then Why Sometimes We Are Afraid of Them and Consider Them Foolish to Ask?

Last week, during a topic discussion on the history of the pandemic, a parent came and sat in my class. I usually allow parents to attend classes to be a part of their kid’s learning journey. A student, after the discussion, asked a question that was too obvious for many, but for me, it was kind of rhetorical. “…Sir, in mediaeval times people do cover up their faces then what makes the virus spread so fast?” Although we have discussed in the start what makes the virus spread so fast by having the present world example of covid 19 and its spread in 2020. However, what puzzled me was that the parent suddenly has a sarcastic smile that every student has witnessed, including the one who asked the question. I let students answer this question collaboratively. After the class, the parent thanked me for allowing her to sit and observe the class. Continue reading “The Power of Deep Curiosity and The Fear of Asking Questions”

6 Tips to Teach in Multilingual Classroom

6 tips to teach in Multilingual Classroom
By Ahmad Amirali

Teaching students in a language other than their language may create a learning issue in students. I still remember, When I first visited the upper Chitral region last year (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan) many students were not even familiar with their national language, i.e. Urdu. It was an immense learning opportunity for me. However, it taught me that every achievement has its first beginning. Even though literacy is central to students’ educational and career success, it can be one of the most thought-provoking things for students to develop. When it comes to developing countries like Pakistan, the literacy issue is among students rises when they migrated from their traditional classrooms, where instructions are in their primary language, to the new or foreign context where language and practices are not familiar to them. Continue reading “6 Tips to Teach in Multilingual Classroom”