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What Time Is Right for Us to Step Outside Our Comfort Zone?

How Would I Know That My Purpose, Timings and Motifs Are Right for The Choice That I Have Made for Myself?

Long before the evolution of computers and mobile gadgets in my life, books were the only source of imagination to me, and the very first book that I picked to read was J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. There are several life lessons that Tolkien introduces in this book series like friendship, empathy, emotions, care, courage and responsibility. However, one of such lessons that I always found in this series through which I can resonate with myself and my classroom is the importance of ‘stepping out from our comfort zone’. In LORs, there are characters about happy people named hobbits who live peaceful lives in the Shire. The main character Frodo Baggins is one of them, and he loves the comfort of his routine. He bases his entire life around that comfort zone. However, Frodo doesn’t know that he is about to embark on a journey that changes everything in his life, for which he might’ve not been ready at first. Continue reading “What Time Is Right for Us to Step Outside Our Comfort Zone?”

Travel Diaries: The Journey to Heaven – Chitral, KPK, Pakistan

Travel Diaries: The Journey to Heaven – Chitral, KPK, Pakistan
By Ahmad Amirali

As a teacher, and more specific as a human, I observed that human beings encounter either good or bad times in their lives. In an adverse situation, we curse everyone including God, we complain and ruin whatever good left in our lives. The good times do the opposite to us, and we cherish every moment of it, we thanked God of whatever the blessing he bestowed upon us.

However, I believe in either of the case humans can cherish the blessing of God they had since their birth, i.e. their life. We always forget how fortunate we are that we are chosen to live on this earth and spend our life with our loved ones. We forget that most of the time we are the reasons for our misery and sadness. Similar kind of experience I encountered when I recently visited one of the beautiful places of my homeland Pakistan.Read More…