Cellular Devices are Not Allowed in the Classrooms – New Law Introduced by French Government

Cellular devices are not allowed in the Classrooms – New Law Introduced by French Government
By Ahmad Amirali

There is a new campaign introduced by the French President Emmanuel Macron in September 2018; children are not allowed to bring any smart or cellular devices along with them in the classrooms. According to the French news service The Local, ‘This law will reduce distraction in the classroom, combat bullying, and encourage children to be more physically active during recess’. However, does this law make any difference regarding student classroom engagement?

Technology has affected our lives in both positive and negative ways. It has become the necessity of today’s world. Even teachers like me use smart animations and cellular devices as part of pedagogy in the classroom. Many critics of this law believed that banning smartphones in the school will only increase serious student safety issues as in the case of the emergency student will unable to contact their parents or relatives for help. Some critics believe that this will affect children who have special needs as they may need such devices for their health-related issues.

I believe that a complete ban on such devices may confine children’s stimulation in a technology-driven society. However, the restrictive use of smartphones during recess or free-time can bring a positive impact on student interaction and engagement in the classroom.

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