COVID Break: Tips for Parents to Reduce Homework Frustration

COVID Break: Tips for Parents to Reduce Homework Frustration

Due to COVID 19, our lives are now confined to our homes except for security and healthcare workers who are front liners to keep us safe and sound. However, this new era of social distancing also redefines the concept of schooling and open up the limitless space and need for E-Learning. Recently, many students, as well as their parents, shared their frustration and the struggling, they have gone through with the home tasks they’re receiving on a daily basis. Being a teacher and part of that VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) setup, I would completely agree and understand their level of frustration. The schoolwork has now become homework and navigating being a parent, who also may have to teach, is difficult.

Recently, I attended a webinar arranged and hosted by Huntington Learning Centre (a franchise of educational learning centres in the United States offering in-centre and online tutoring services) discussing tips for parents and some basic strategies to cope with the hype of daily school work given by schools these days.

Below is the recorded webinar that was aired on April 28, 2020. The webinar was conducted by a corporate trainer and expert Ilene Grasso who has worked tens of thousands of students the skills, confidence and motivation to succeed. In this webinar, Ilene discussed the following topics:

  • The homework battle and how to avoid it
  • Ways to structure your child’s time and environment to improve homework performance
  • Tactics on dealing with students at home during the COVID crisis
  • How Huntington can help with homework

The Webinar is 48 minutes long.

Question | What is K-12? It is a shortening of kindergarten (K) for 4- to 6-year-olds through twelfth grade (12) for 17- to 19-year-olds, as the first and last grades, respectively, of free education in the United States of America.

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