Does Religion mean to Bind a Nation or Vice Versa?

Does Religion mean to Bind a Nation or Vice Versa?
By Ahmad AmirAli

Yesterday, upon delivering a session on ‘pluralism and diversity’ one participant asked a question ‘Sir, does religion have any relationship with diversity? I questioned him back ‘what do you think?’ He replied, ‘Sir, I think religion divide the nation, but pluralism binds it’. I asked him ‘who taught you about the pluralism/diversity?’ doesn’t every religion convey the same ethics and principles of diversity and La Convivencia (coexist) one society? Well, he agrees, but I somehow questioned myself, does religion means to bind a nation or is it really a vice versa.

History has revealed to us that there were instances when we, people, use religion to segregate and establish differences among us, but then there were instances when religion binds-back the people of different faiths and believes under one society. Whether Islam or Christianity, every religion conveys the same principle and message of deepening the divides and accept the differences.

Nabila Alibhai, the founder of inCOMMONS and the author of the chapter “How Colour Replaces Fear” in the book Art & The City, thinks on the same page. She believes that ‘We’ve proven that the human family can come together and send a message far brighter and more powerful than the voices of those that wish to do us harm’. In her one of the TED talk she discusses and raises one of the most common issues of our times; How can we stand boldly and visibly together as one society?


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