How Does Listening Music Benefit Your Classroom and Student Engagement?

Chill Realms – The Latest Addition to My Readables That Helps Teachers to Boost Student Engagement and Participation During the Lessons

One of the post-covid effects on students these days is that they become too busy in their daily hybrid learning schedules that they hardly get any time to relax or even do something that reduces their exam anxiety. Studies suggest that to minimise stress during studies, one needs to engage in an activity that helps concentrate on their task and listening to music is one such activity. Researchers believe that exposure to music can improve classroom learning and increase a positive classroom atmosphere. I realised the importance of listening to music during my extended summer vacation.

I’ve been sitting in a comfy chair with good headphones and listening to musical themes on sound cloud. The experience has made me think about the multifaceted ways music affects us psychologically. As we know, music is universal as every culture reveals in its notes, and its nostalgic impact brings tears to our eyes or sends chills down our spine. Cultures vary widely as to the sounds, melodies, and instruments used to create what can be called music.

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Regardless of where are you from or where you are right now, we can experience music almost everywhere: on the street, at a concert, in our homes, on our phones or radios, in school, and even in classrooms. Lucille Foran discusses in his research that students can manage their emotions in more positive ways. Students can enhance their learning potential.

Chill Realms

To appreciate and experiment with this technique in the classroom, I have started a new channel called Chill Realms. I make such musical videos with relaxing clips of nature and people on this channel, which I can later use in my classroom during breaks. I have been using these short musical videos since then, and the results are phenomenal as students, during short breaks, close their eyes and listen to the theme. These musical videos relax them, and after the break, they actively engage with the classroom tasks. I pick musical videos according to their mood and the post-break topic. Chill Realms contain musical themes in multiple genres and moods, including; Soft/Calm, Inspirational, Nostalgia, Cinematic, Happy, Bright, and more.

This pandemic has taught us many lessons since 2020, and I believe we have spent ample time evaluating our situation. Guide your students to take some time out, even at home, to spend some mindful moments listening, learning, and falling in love with music. Expand their experience by gaining knowledge about the music they enjoy.

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