Modern Thinking: Why There are Clashes among Nations?

Modern Thinking: Why There are Clashes among Nations?
By Ahmad Amirali

As we all aware about the present crucial tensions between India and Pakistan over borders, I revisited a 12-year-old CBC interview with H.H the Aga Khan IV (direct descendent to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the spiritual leader of Shia Ismaili Muslim) where he talks about the Clash of Ignorance and Clash of civilisations. He believes that there is no such thing the clash of religions or the clash of cultures, there is always the clash of ignorance. Interesting this clash exist in the ‘both side of the divide’.

The words of H.H the Aga Khan IV in this 12-year-old interview make absolute sense in the present situation between India and Pakistan. Words like ‘Unresolved Political Crises’ one of the causes of clash among civilisations. I kept asking myself, what is the cause of such clashes between nations like India and Pakistan? Is religion a major cause of clash between two nations? There is always a reaction to every action. Nobody wants war at first place but due to certain political instabilities between nations, that ‘Unresolved Political Crisis’ emerged and continue emerging till someone need to end this crisis. Talk, negotiations, dialogue – these are the tools through which these crises can be resolved.

Let’s hope and pray that our nations and every nation in the world should think and realise about the safe and robust future of their new generations. Indeed, War never is the source of a secure future for our children.

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