Stress Reducers for School and College Going Students

Stress Reducers for School and College-Going Students
By Ahmad Amirali

These days students are much coping with the stress and anxiety due to their yearly finals. Apart of exams, students’ lives are much more complicated than adults, because students have to deal with their day to day to maters as well as they also have to work hard, regardless of whatever emotional situation they are, to reach their desired grades milestone. High school students face a similar kind of stressful, challenging situations as soon as they got admission to any college. They start involving in a process where they need to deal with the challenging workload and also have to sustain their friendship goals. As students intellectual level grows, the stress of independent living and decision making also grow tremendously. Most of the time, students ask me how to relieve stress that helps us to concentrate on our daily educational and social goals. However, one may ask, how students take out time even to practice any stress relievers when their schedule is jam-packed with all the school, college and friendship responsibilities.

Therefore, the following are some of the best stress releasers that students may find it quick and easy to practice while keeping up with their daily schedule.

Power Naps

Due to packed schedules, the student may not find enough time to sleep and relax, and therefore they become a stress to work in a sleep-deprived state. They become less productive and find difficulty in learning new terms and concepts. Learn more about why teens need more sleep than adults.

Use of Visualisations

Visualisations (imaginations) may help you to calm, isolated from what’s stressing you, and turn off your body’s stress response. Students may start visualisations to prepare for their school presentations and to score higher in their tests without taking any stress. They just need to close their eyes and try to imagine how would they perform in their tasks and tests. Don’t think about what goes wrong or right, merely visualise things which you will do to boost your motivation level.

Physical Exercise

Regular and physical exercises are one of the healthiest ways to reduce stress in your daily lives. Students can work out efficiently into their schedules by doing yoga in the morning, walking or biking to campus, or reviewing for tests with a friend while walking on a treadmill at the gym. Learn more about how exercise can boost our behavioural, mental and physical state.


Progressive Muscle relaxation is yet another stress reliever that students can practice during their exams as well as before going to bed. This technique involves stretching and relaxing all muscles until the body is completely relaxed. With practice, you can learn to release stress from your body in seconds. This can be particularly helpful for students because it can be adapted to help relaxation efforts before sleep for deeper sleep.


Music is a suitable stress reliever for students as well as adults due to its cognitive benefits that help you to relieve stress and stimulate your mind when it’s in chaos. Students can harness the benefits of music by playing classical music while studying. Learn more about how listening music helps you to concentrate on your study.


Eat Right

Students may not realise it, but one of the reasons of their stress is their daily diet which is held responsible for boosting their brain power and energising their body. Most of the time students unable to concentrate on their studies as their moods are kept swinging between what they want to do and what they don’t want to do. Learn more about how unhealthy diet affect your attitudes and hinder you concentrating on your exams.

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