Student Stress Crises: Are Schools or Parents Actively Tackling the Issue?

Student Stress Crises: Are Schools or Parents Actively Tackling the Issue?
By Ahmad Amirali

Anxiety, depression and even suicidal thoughts among teenagers become more and more common nowadays. What is the cause? Could it be social media or school stress in general? Last month during one of the One on One session, two of my students shares that sometimes they want to run away somewhere due to school work stress and unnecessary pressure from home. Incidents like these are not rare, According to JHH, around 37% of teenagers around the world are suffering from some sort of depression (most commonly due to school work), and the numbers are increasing. According to the JHH review, an estimated 3 million children between the age of 12 to 17 have had a major depressive episode in the past year alone.

The question, what role parent, teacher and the school are playing in resolving or minimising such issue among children? To understand and handle the student’s stress-related problems, teachers need to be more equipped with tools on how to manage those in need. Following are some of the suggestive measure, which I believe should be taken by the school management and parents.

Implementing of School-Based Holistic Workshops for educators

Schools, government or private, should be designing and employing effective, school-based, comprehensive programs so that educationalists (teachers/professors) benefit from these workshops and if possible, try to invite parents as well in the workshops. In this way, parents will also become aware of the significance of the situation and equipped themselves to handle any unfavourable situation.

Every school Should provide active Students Counselling Facility

According to ASC, around 20% of students would need some counselling; however, unfortunately, only 5% of the students receive the facility. It is also recommended by the Education Board of Pakistan, that every school should at least have one professional Psychiatrist or a counsellor to address students mental health issues which developed on a daily basis.

Parents should work hand in hand with Teachers to solve these Issues

Alone teachers are not responsible for the wellbeing of students’ mental health. It is important for the schools to conduct such Parent-Teacher sessions teachers educate parents regarding their child’s mental health situation. Remember, students only spent 5 to 6 hours in schools, the majority of the time students spent at home. Therefore, parent awareness sessions are necessary to address these issues.

The Necessity of Student Parent Talk

Above all the points, it is vital for parents to have healthy communication with their child. Be mindful, that there is a difference between healthy discussion and robust investigation. Asking about school grades, homework etc. are not healthy communication or spending weekends with your child is not enough (most common with working parents). Healthy discussion or talk involves relationship goals and empathetic behaviour at all times.

Remember, educators do their best to teach, facilitate, trained, nurture, encourage, arbitrate, and guide every youngster that entered in their classroom; however, in the end, educators are only human. There’s just so much we can successfully handle.

Have you ever encountered such issues among children? Share your experiences in below comment box.

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