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The Passive Aggression: Students Act of Purposeful Hidden Revenge

Every year, I encountered numerous students’ behaviour. Some are known to me, but some are way tricky to understand in the first instance. Teachers and parents are aware that adolescents procrastinate to complete any task on time. It is because their mind prioritises the tasks as per the level of their boredom. There is nothing to worry about as this behaviour is common among all ages and context. However, it can become a matter of concern for most teachers when students chronically procrastinate, tests the spirit of class rules, and challenges teachers’ authority in the classroom. In my early teaching years, students who possess such behaviour knew how to break every rule of my diary subtly. At times I felt emotional and helpless in front of them. If you, as a teacher or a parent, ever dealt with such students’ behaviours, chances are maybe you’re dealing with a ‘Passive Aggressive’ student. Continue reading “The Passive Aggression: Students Act of Purposeful Hidden Revenge”

Why Do We Get Mad at People for No Reason?

Why Do We Get Mad at People for No Reason?
By Ahmad Amirali

There are instances in our lives when we get so angry that we sometimes forget every single ethic of our lives. As a result of which we ended up in guilt for our entire lives.  Being a teacher, I also experience this behaviour in my students during my sessions. At first, I always blame my lesson plan for being bored or not engaging enough for my students. However, after reading a handful of studies, couple of, or I can more than 10s of, counselling sessions with students and their parents, I concluded that not always teacher’s lesson plan is held responsible for students’ irritating behaviour. The question is, what makes so much turbulence on anyone or with our loved ones that we hurt them so badly because of our attitude? Continue reading “Why Do We Get Mad at People for No Reason?”