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How Traumatic Childhood Affects Adulthood?

Today, I met one of my childhood friends after a long time, and we cherished our childhood memories. However, not all childhood memories brought happy feelings or a moment of delight. For some, reminiscing childhood brought nothing but tears and traumatic experiences. A similar kind of childhood experience was shared by one of my students, aged 19, three weeks back when I was conducting educational camps in the central regions of Pakistan. Firstly, it is essential to know how childhood abuse impacted the adulthood of the abused one. A child can be manipulated either physically, sexually or mentally neglected by parents or known relative. A child who suffers from abuse or neglect, feel wounded and deprived. If these wounds do not heal on time, they constantly deteriorate the child’s subsequent relationships. Continue reading “How Traumatic Childhood Affects Adulthood?”