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Violent Video Games and the Teen’s Mental Health

Recent Research Findings Indicate That Video Games Are Not as Bad as We Once Feared

When it comes to video games, there is a common belief that ‘kids playing violent video games can lead to aggressive behaviours.’ Similar expressions were shared by one of the parents complaining that her kid spent most of his free time on a ‘violent video game’ CS-GO (Counter Strike – Global Offensive: a multiplayer first-person, objective-based shooter game). She believes that her son might have developed aggressive behaviour, which can also deteriorate his physical health. Interestingly, the concerns are valid. As I mentioned in my previous articles, too much screen time can impair the teen’s brain function. However, there are two different concerns which parents and educators sometimes consider as one. First, spending excessive hours playing video games and Second, playing violent video games in leisure time. In this article, I will briefly discuss both concerns separately to understand whether playing violent video games really related to teens’ mental health? Continue reading “Violent Video Games and the Teen’s Mental Health”

The Story of the Peacock and the Nightingale – Inspirational Short Stories Series (Chapter: 01)

The Story of the Peacock and the Nightingale

Have you ever wondered why sometimes we feel empty and lonely, even surround by our loved ones?   Did your mind ever struck with a question ‘Why God doesn’t love me, or I am the only one who is suffering all others are living their lives happily and stress-free?’  Yes – you guess it right – it is the feeling of insecurity and fear. Fear that if others really knew us that they would neither love us nor like us. We fail to see our own value, while simultaneously thinking more highly of ourselves than we should. In this weird paradox, we start comparing our lives to others and start counting our shortcomings and estimating how miserable we are compared to our friend, neighbour or even to our sibling. While competing with our fears, we always forgot how blessed we are in our lives. Continue reading “The Story of the Peacock and the Nightingale – Inspirational Short Stories Series (Chapter: 01)”