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Why do we Fear Rejection?

Why do we Fear Rejection? – Reasons and Remedies

Last week, I was out to travel to the northern areas of Pakistan for official reasons. Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral regions are known for their cultural and historical significance. I met many people; most of them were teachers. On my third day of the session, one candidate asked me a question that triggered a series of questions in my mind. He asked, ‘Sir, If I do not fulfil this requirement in my application form, would I be rejected?’ I said, ‘Yes. He replied, ‘Oh! Then I might not apply for that program because I don’t want to be rejected’.  Later that day, I thought about that guy and questioned myself, why do we fear rejection? Rejection, either in relationships or in a career, is equally brutal for almost every person. Students fear failure in exams, teachers fear the failure of their lesson plans, and parents fear their children’s future decisions. We are all scared of being rejected, but what makes us fear such rejections? Continue reading “Why do we Fear Rejection?”

The Fear of Phobias in Teens

The Fear of Phobias in Teens

Once I was conducting a classroom activity to explain the concept of trust to my students. The activity had an instance where one student needed to stand on a chair and fall back without seeing backwards, and four students needed to catch that student. There were four groups when the third group came in front of the class. The student who is supposed to stand on a chair said she would not do that as she was afraid of ‘heights’.  Teenagers likely developed different fears when they entered teenage, for instance; fear of needles, fear of fire, or fear of a thunderstorm. What makes them afraid of any object or situation? To understand this phenomenon among teens, we will explore two terms: Fear and Phobia. Continue reading “The Fear of Phobias in Teens”