The Dark side of the Internet: The Dark Net

The Dark side of the Internet: The Dark Net

Ever wonder one day you open your computer browser, and you will find your whole ID secrets over the internet? How will you react? But before any reaction, the first thing that struck your mind would be ‘how is it possible?’ Well, in the Dark Net, everything is possible. Being a teacher and an ICT enthusiast, I keep myself updated for the latest tech news and innovative developments in the tech world. Recently I came across a book ‘The Dark Net by Jamie Bartlett in which he explains about a dark Silicon Valley which is hidden from us and very much alive and exist in our very own world wide web. Continue reading

100+ Websites Collection for Educators and Learners

Websites Collection for Students and Teachers
By Ahmad Amirali

In today’s technological era, where every information is available on a ‘click’, it is important to know the authenticity of virtually-available information. Most of the time people ignored this fact and ended up navigating the wrong source of information. Students are most likely the victim of such, what I may say, ‘virtual heresy’. Keeping this in mind, I gathered more than 100 websites which are useful for both students and teachers who want authentic information.  I am sharing these website links on MyReadables. Below is the available link of the website collection page. Continue reading

Email Scams – To be Proactive rather then Protective.


Technology has Caught a Drastic Pace in the Past 15 years, and so the Frequency of Spammers in our e-mail Box.
By Ahmad Amirali

Communication between people in distinct race and language becomes possible. People nowadays have become more informed and, thus, this liberation of communication makes them free from seclusion. However, this freedom of advancement also has a price to pay in the form of scams.

Now day’s Electronic Mail or simply email is the most significant part of our lives, and hence email scams are flourished healthily.  Email scams or spams normally look like an ordinary email contains proposals, invitations of monetary benefits. Continue reading

Technology vs Child Development

Image 02_ahTechnology vs Child Development
By Ahmad Amirali

Do we ever wonder why majority kids, in western and eastern countries, under 10 to 13 years of age do not like to read books or having trouble engaging in the reading habit? Why some parents, most of the time, keep complaining that their children hate books and prefer to spend time on the internet instead to read some book or article. Is technology ruining your child development? Or is there an understanding gap between the mindset of parents and their children? Continue reading