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Email Scams – To be Proactive rather then Protective.


Technology has Caught a Drastic Pace in the Past 15 years, and so the Frequency of Spammers in our e-mail Box.
By Ahmad Amirali

Communication between people in distinct race and language becomes possible. People nowadays have become more informed and, thus, this liberation of communication makes them free from seclusion. However, this freedom of advancement also has a price to pay in the form of scams.

Now day’s Electronic Mail or simply email is the most significant part of our lives, and hence email scams are flourished healthily.  Email scams or spams normally look like an ordinary email contains proposals, invitations of monetary benefits. Continue reading “Email Scams – To be Proactive rather then Protective.”

16 Incredibly Useful Links for Learning and Teaching

Teaching and Learning: 16 useful websites for Lesson Plans
By Ahmad Amirali

In today’s technological era, it is a necessity for teachers to design and plan their lesson with technological friendly activities and pedagogies. However, once my professor reminded me that technology should be one of the teaching strategies in your lesson instead of the lesson plan itself.

During teaching experience, I explore a number of tech-tools and websites which I often visit and use during my unit or lesson planning. I am sharing 16 of such web pages on MyReadables. Continue reading “16 Incredibly Useful Links for Learning and Teaching”