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Why Do We Need A Superhero in Our Lives?

“I am Captain Marvel! I want to help my dad who is a police officer to get the bad guys and make them dead” – 8th grader.

Recently I attended my niece’s virtual parent workshop arranged by her school. One of the attendees shared that her kid keep fascinates Captain Marvel (A character based on Marvel Comics). She even pasted posters everywhere in her bedroom. The mother seems really concerned that she asked whether her child’s behaviour is normal or does it hurt her child’s character development. The discussion went on, but I dived in a reflective mode and started recalling how I fascinate Superman in my childhood? Basically, the fictional character helped me to overcome some of the gruesome fears and anxiety in my youth. The question is, why we sometimes resonate with such fictional characters and how it impacts us?

Dr Janina Scarlet, a clinical psychologist who uses Super Hero Therapy at the CSAM, believes that we all experienced hard times in almost every phase of our lives. She suggests that identifying with fictional characters can actually be extremely beneficial as it can teach us empathy, remind us that we are not alone in our painful experience, inspire us to eat healthier, and allow us to better cope with difficult life transitions. Sometimes people who are more casual fans might think it’s strange to be so attached to fictional characters; however, it’s completely natural to have such an emotional bond with the fictional characters. Continue reading “Why Do We Need A Superhero in Our Lives?”

Why Do We Get So Attached to The Movie’s Fictional Characters?

Why Do We Get So Attached to The Movie’s Fictional Characters?
By Ahmad Amirali

I recently watch Marvel’s latest Avengers: Endgame with my friends. I like the storyline, and all the action sequences, above all Marvel’s characters, are grouped up in this movie. We all know that the Endgame is the last movie of its Avenger’s franchise, and it is evident pretty much in every scene of the film. Many lead characters are now dead or getting old, which gave us the impression that the future marvel world will now be in the hands of new generations of heroes. However, I am not writing this article to provide you with my reflections about the Endgame movie. Instead, I observed people’s reactions during the end credits of the film. Everybody was like crying or waiting for the post-credits clip, usually included in the MCU movies since 2008. The audience’s emotional behaviour made me read some researchers and ask why we get so attached to the movie’s fictional characters? Continue reading “Why Do We Get So Attached to The Movie’s Fictional Characters?”