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Moving Blues: Helping Your Teen to Handle Emotional Challenges of Moving

Why Especially Teenagers Feel Upset About Moving?

Last week, I moved out to a new apartment after spending almost 11 years in that apartment. While shifting my house-hold accessories, I was recalling many fond and cherished memories that I have made in all these years. Even the move was planned, I still felt on the last day that it was kind of a big step towards a whole new journey. This new experience reminds me of a student who, along with her parents, move to a new city. On her last day of school, she was devastated to meet her friends for the last time. Relocation is tough either from where you are living or studying. However, if you are a teenager, it is quite difficult to leave behind the school, friends, clubs and other commitments, as well as perhaps the only home you, have ever known. This transition from one place to another becomes more difficult for teenagers especially when so many emotional and physical changes already taking place in their lives.

Researchers believe that one of the major stresses in life is leaving behind friends, familiar places, and activities that eventually creates anxiety for everyone involved. One unexpected difference maybe school. It’s easy to assume that one school is pretty much like another, but for your kid, the new school may not use the same textbooks or procedures. Some of the classes may be different, or the teacher may have already covered topics your kid hasn’t learned about yet. It can be particularly hard for your kid if they are moving in the middle of a school year, but their teachers will understand and work with them to be sure they feel comfortable. Continue reading “Moving Blues: Helping Your Teen to Handle Emotional Challenges of Moving”

I wandered lonely as a cloud – The Daffodils

I wandered lonely as a cloud – The Daffodils

A lot is happening in the world today that, I believe for an average person like me, it is hard to understand. It is so easy to feel small in the bigness of some of the tragedies happening these last few months. I think humanity is realised now that things which we were taking as granted are basically the real asset to us. With all the chaos and pain, there is still so much for us to embrace, like love and memories. Memories that help us to overcome our painful moments and navigate us to the comforting breeze of feelings.

I experience a similar kind of feelings when yesterday I was reading a book of selected poems by William Wordsworth. Continue reading “I wandered lonely as a cloud – The Daffodils”