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Why do Adolescents Sometimes Cave into Peer Pressure?

Especially In This Plight of Pandemic Dealing with Teenage Peer Pressure Now Becoming a Huge Problem During High School

When I think back to my teenage days, I can probably remember the feeling and the fear that everyone will think I am not cool or do not hang out with the coolest gang of my high school. That fear leads me to do a lot of stupid stuff that I might not do otherwise, from adopting a new lifestyle and clothing sense, whether it suits me or not, to deciding the future career pathway based on my friends’ preferences. It seems when I step into that teenage bubble, my parents’ approval starts mattering less, and friends’ approval starts counting more. Although it sounds weird and so reckless or rebellious to many of you, that was when only I could feel the fear of disapproval from my peers, which eventually led me to cave into peer pressure. Recently, I encountered a situation where a parent shared the routine of her kid and while hearing her take me back to my teen days as I can relate to some of the stuff that parent shared with me. Continue reading “Why do Adolescents Sometimes Cave into Peer Pressure?”

How Does Peer Pressure Affect Teen’s Decision Making?

How Does Peer Pressure Affect Teens Decision Making?
By Ahmad Amirali

Let’s assume that you are a 14 to 17-year-old teen, and last week you were out with your friends on a beach or some restaurant to spend some leisure time. While waiting for an order to serve, one of your friends starts a topic that fascinates you. Let’s see a movie or a game. However, that friend starts saying some negative comments about that movie/game and, interestingly, all others, including you, agree with your friend. Although inwardly, you know that it is a game you happen to enjoy quite a lot but, apparently, not wanting to debate the issue, you go along with the crowd. The social stress which you just experienced is commonly referred to as peer pressure or peer influence. Continue reading “How Does Peer Pressure Affect Teen’s Decision Making?”