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Teacher Burnout: Is it Workplace Induced Depression?

‘If I’ve ever got any chance to move from this place, I will not think twice.’

Remarks like these, we always heard from a person who is completely stressed out from the place where he/she worked and unable to cope with the work pressure. Recently, many of my close and distant colleagues approach me and shared their stories, how they have been surviving since the lockdown, and many educational institutes over-nightly shifted to virtual teaching. While talking with them, I come to the point that employee usually frustrated and stressed due to two reasons, either workflow pressure or ‘a toxic work environment’ that makes an employee feel unwanted, uncomfortable and unappreciated.  However, the questions that are puzzling my mind is, what is the true nature of what it means to be burned-out? What to do when you don’t see a way out to your depression or burnout?

Some Cases of Recent and Traditional Burnouts

Teaching is the profession where teachers are expected to be perfect as the educator’s role is to educate the future minds of society. Continue reading “Teacher Burnout: Is it Workplace Induced Depression?”