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Why Students’ Social Life is as Important as their Studies

Why Students’ Social Life is as Important as their Studies

Have you ever asked any youngster or youth what the best part of their school life was? What were their responses? If someone asks me, which my students usually do, my response will be simple: my school friend whom I spent most of my time with. I remember my school days because of my friends. Sometimes, parents complain to me about their child’s social lives that they need to concentrate on their studies instead of wasting time with friends. Even some parents brought good suggestions like why their children need even a friend circle; they have their family; it should be enough for them. On the other hand, some parents worry about how they would help their kids cope with the challenges, heartbreaks, and the joys of making friends, losing them, and making friends again. Continue reading “Why Students’ Social Life is as Important as their Studies”

Why Kids Need a Champion in Their Lives?

Why Kids Need an Inspiration in Their Lives?
Ahmad Amirali

There were and are several instances during my teaching where students express their feelings, good or bad, about my personality, the way I talk, the clothes I wear, even the bracelets which I habitually wear in school, the way I smile, crack jokes etc. Expressive student behaviour shows how much students aware of you, inspire you or hate you. In my case, not always students inspire me, some compete with me, struggle to like me or just don’t even bother whatever I said to them. Overall, students first human encounter they ever have outside their family are you guys – Teachers. We, teachers, have we ever wondered what the value of human connection in our profession is? Continue reading “Why Kids Need a Champion in Their Lives?”