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How Reading Helps Students to Overcome Stress in a Time of Crisis

Researchers Believe That Adolescent’s Post Pandemic Stress Can Be Conquer Through Reading Habits

A new term began, and once again, a fresh lot started their new yet another virtual learning journey with me. Interestingly, this time around, I found some students who like to read books and are even interested in sharing their reviews during the class. You guys must be wondering why I am expressing such joy upon knowing that my students read books. According to a survey conducted in 2019 by Gallup and Gillani Pakistan, 3 out of 4 Pakistani students (75%) have never read any book at all except their course curriculum books. The average, only 9% of students are keen readers. The question is why, over the years, reading culture has drastically declined in our country, especially among teens? The definitive answers may be over-dependency on electronic and social media etc. But why one wanting to develop such habits when the majority of the world is now technology dependent. Does reading books is now becoming an ‘obsolete culture’? What role does a reading habit play in a time where people are bound to keep themselves physically distant? Continue reading “How Reading Helps Students to Overcome Stress in a Time of Crisis”

Teens Biggest Dilemma – Why My Best Friend is Avoiding Me?

How to Know If Your Friend Is Avoiding You or Just Busy?

One of the biggest pains in today’s teenager lives is the feeling of being ignored – not by their parents but especially by their friends. Over the years, I have seen several cases where students stop taking interest in any of the lessons or home tasks due to the disruption that happened between their friendship circles. Majority of the times, the teens started to believe that their friend has purposefully deserted them for some nasty reasons. But the question is, how do you know that your friend purposefully trying to get away from you? or they might be temporarily occupied with other responsibilities. In this article, I briefly discuss the reasons and some ways to recognise, without making any judgement, why we sometimes being ignored by our social circle – friends.

Before we are moving any further along, it is essential to know that there are certain situations where being ignored is nothing purposeful or malicious. People get busy and don’t always realise they’re blocking people out. Anna Johnson from Elite Daily believes that in a relationship nothing remains the same forever. There will be times when things will be great and other periods where issues will arise. If you feel like you’re being ignored, then chances are, you’re in one of these valleys. Continue reading “Teens Biggest Dilemma – Why My Best Friend is Avoiding Me?”

Why Do Students Want to Be Perfect in Everything?

Why Do Students Want to Be Perfect in Everything?
By Ahmad Amirali

“Sir, I meet my subject tutor today and he told me that achieving 95% in mathematics and science I, not a big deal and overall 85% is an average grade for a student like you….my parents appear to have a similar kind of thoughts… I feel so much pressure, what if I lost or unable to achieve these grades….”

This is one of the common concerns or what can I say a ‘trauma’ shared by many students, but differently, since I started my teaching career. Each year, several students graduated and happily embark upon their career journey. Some reach out their goals and successfully achieve whatever they’ve planned for their future. However, some teenagers try to pursue whatever their parents, teachers, friends or relatives think are best for them and in that pursuit all they do is simply sacrifice every dream they ever dream for themselves. The question is why is it necessary for students to achieve greatness in every walk of their lives? Does it come from within or from the adults around them? Continue reading “Why Do Students Want to Be Perfect in Everything?”

What Is the Scariest Thought Student Might Have During the Whole School Term?

What Is the Scariest Thought Student Might Have During the Whole Term?
By Ahmad Amirali

The summer vacations are over, and students are all setting their new aspirations for the new journey which is about to start or for some already started at the beginning of August. Besides the usual term classes and assessments, some things that motivate students to work hard and perform well such as new classmates, favourite teachers, reasonable classrooms compare to last years (in most cases) etc. similarly there are things that slow down students’ performance engine. In the majority of schools in Pakistan, the term started in August and most probably every school has their midterm examinations in December. The question that almost every student asks in these four months is ‘how much time left for me in this semester to improve my grades?’ Continue reading “What Is the Scariest Thought Student Might Have During the Whole School Term?”

Wana De-Stress? Spend some time with Animals

Wana De-Stress? Spend some time with Animals

The University of Cambridge believes that the animals seemed happy to help and aided stressed students and those missing their pets. Staff from several colleges have brought in pets for those studying. The deputy librarian’s three-legged cat Jasper has been entertaining students at the Marshall Library of Economics for several years. “Tea with Jasper” events have sometimes attracted more than 100 people.

Four guinea pigs adopted by Lucy Cavendish College have proved an equal hit with students, who can pet them while they play in the garden. Continue reading “Wana De-Stress? Spend some time with Animals”