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Why Students Get Bored in the Classroom – Reasons and Remedies

Why Students Get Bored in the Classroom – Reasons and Remedies

‘Sir, may I go to the toilet? Sir, may I go to drink water? Sir, my head is aching. I am not feeling well; can I go outside for a bit?’ These are the excuses that typically students give you when they are unable to concentrate on the lesson or, to be specific, get bored. There are multiple reasons children get bored in school, such as not being sufficiently challenged or simply not feeling motivated by the subject matter being discussed in the classroom. While asking parents about their children’s boredom in the school, some responded that the content is way too easy for their children; therefore, they get bored. Others believe that the teacher might not present the material so that students would get engaged. Both reasons are possible, but these are not the only reasons.

Following are some of the possible reasons which might be responsible for children’s boredom in the classroom Continue reading “Why Students Get Bored in the Classroom – Reasons and Remedies”

8 Reasons Why Students Fail in Assessments

8 Reasons: Why Students Fail in Examinations?
By Ahmad Amirali

It is every students’ goal to pass their exams, and monthly assessments with flying colours and I believe every student strive, as per their ability, to achieve that goal. However, what makes some students to secure less than others or even failed their exams? I heard students’ post exam result in views, ‘All my questions were right, then what happened? Why I secure less? Etc’. There are many factors involve in students’ success in their exams. Continue reading “8 Reasons Why Students Fail in Assessments”