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Why Is Discontentment on The Rise Among Teens?

Researchers Believe That Due to Covid Closures Teenagers are Suffering More Than Ever from Mood Disorders Such as Depression, Schizophrenia, or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) And Even, In Some Cases, Become Suicidal.

One of my previous batch students recently approached me and shared that he wanted to end his life as he does not see any worth. Upon asking, he said his parents always fight with each other, even on a simple matter which can be resolve through dialogue. When he intervenes, his father accused him of being underage to understand such home matters and sometimes, he even takes out his rage by beating him along with his mother. Due to such circumstances, his academic performance is close to nothing, and he might even fail his finals as well. He approaches me just to inform me that there is no point to continue living this life. Because according to him, his parents had seen him as a problem solver or a responsible adult, which he thinks he is not. After hearing all his concerns, I consult him for at least an hour and let him decide whether these issues are resolvable or simply it’s a dead end. Luckily, he starts accepting things and I forward him to certain institutions that are professional in dealing with such situations. After a day and a half, it becomes clear that his father’s revolting behaviour was due to their financial constraints as he recently lost his job. Continue reading “Why Is Discontentment on The Rise Among Teens?”

Why Suicidal Thoughts Are Appeared to Be Common Among Teens?

Why Suicidal Thoughts Are Appeared to Be Common Among Teens?
By Ahmad Amirali

Almost every year, I observe adolescents who struggled with trauma and anxiety due to social and academic pressures. The most common among all is the suicidal thoughts that are now becoming more common nowadays among teens. Last year alone, two of my previous students attempted suicide; luckily, they both survived. The underlying reasons behind these disturbing behaviours are more or less same, i.e. anxiety, peer or academic pressure etc. Family involvement and social support might help affected teens to recover from their depression, but the road to recovery can be rocky, and therefore, most of the time, adolescents find it hard to recover from their traumatic past. The question is Why the teen’s suicidal rate astonishingly increased since the past decade? Continue reading “Why Suicidal Thoughts Are Appeared to Be Common Among Teens?”