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What It’s Like To Be A Teenager During The Times Of Pandemic?

What new challenges young people face in the era of Covid? What parents (adults) should know about these challenges?

Many of the students recently shared their post-Covid experiences with me during their new term orientation last week. However, the majority of them share a similar phrase, ‘Parents just don’t understand’. Although, this phrase is an old refrain, in present time it has a new definition. I sensed from my students’ reflections that they think their parents should be aware of their challenging moments. As most teenagers are now cut off from schools, their friends, sports, hobbies and everything else that filled their pre-pandemic days, the parent-child relationship is now under more stress than ever.

Jessica Grose, a journalist and novelist at NY Times, writes about parenting adolescents’ challenges in one of her articles ‘ The Hardest Fight to Have With Your Teen.’

‘I have long thought that it might be the hardest for parents of teenagers when it comes to being a parent in the pandemic. Parents of little ones can meet most of our children’s social needs, and our kids still kind of want to be around us. Not so for parents of teens….’ Continue reading “What It’s Like To Be A Teenager During The Times Of Pandemic?”

How was the Year 2020 for Teenagers and Youth?

The year 2020 was quite depressing for almost all of us. However, one group significantly affected by this pandemic is teenagers. School closures and enforced social distancing have cut off many teens from primary means of psychological support, putting them at higher risk of developing anxiety and depression.

It seems 2020 was a bit of a halt to a flowing stream of human life. However, the year 2020 does provide some life-changing lessons to us and become a source of inspiration for many. To learn more about the impacts of this pandemic on teen’s life, I have gone through many websites and tried to explore how the world is out looking pandemic after ten months of Covid-19 spread.  The following is the roundup of the research, ideas, and news about young people’s experiences during pandemic times.

The Most Frequently Use Word in Germany During 2020

The German Youth Word of the Year in 2020 is actually an English word, lost. German teens don’t use it in the sense of having lost their way, but to express a lack of perspective, or of not knowing what to do. Teens might also use the term in math class, for instance, to say ‘I don’t get it.’ Continue reading “How was the Year 2020 for Teenagers and Youth?”

Moving Blues: Helping Your Teen to Handle Emotional Challenges of Moving

Why Especially Teenagers Feel Upset About Moving?

Last week, I moved out to a new apartment after spending almost 11 years in that apartment. While shifting my house-hold accessories, I was recalling many fond and cherished memories that I have made in all these years. Even the move was planned, I still felt on the last day that it was kind of a big step towards a whole new journey. This new experience reminds me of a student who, along with her parents, move to a new city. On her last day of school, she was devastated to meet her friends for the last time. Relocation is tough either from where you are living or studying. However, if you are a teenager, it is quite difficult to leave behind the school, friends, clubs and other commitments, as well as perhaps the only home you, have ever known. This transition from one place to another becomes more difficult for teenagers especially when so many emotional and physical changes already taking place in their lives.

Researchers believe that one of the major stresses in life is leaving behind friends, familiar places, and activities that eventually creates anxiety for everyone involved. One unexpected difference maybe school. It’s easy to assume that one school is pretty much like another, but for your kid, the new school may not use the same textbooks or procedures. Some of the classes may be different, or the teacher may have already covered topics your kid hasn’t learned about yet. It can be particularly hard for your kid if they are moving in the middle of a school year, but their teachers will understand and work with them to be sure they feel comfortable. Continue reading “Moving Blues: Helping Your Teen to Handle Emotional Challenges of Moving”

Why Is It Essential to Express Our Emotions Openly?

Why Is It Essential to Express Our Emotions Openly?

In our daily lives, we often encountered certain experiences, either from a known person or a distant colleague, that we are afraid to share it with anyone or even talk about it. Sometimes we scared that people might take it wrongly or once we get started, we may not be able to stop, and that will be very embarrassing. Interestingly, it is not the experience or an incident that we afraid to speak of, but it is the emotions and feelings that generated from that experience which we afraid to express it to anyone. Being a teacher, I experienced such behaviours from my students as well when they don’t speak out their minds and even resist to share their opinions openly in the classroom. Upon asking, I hear the same old reason, ‘what if someone rejects or laugh at my point?‘ I always wonder, why sometimes it’s easy to feel, decide or think about anyone or anything inside our head. But it’s much harder to express it out loud? What happened if we resist our self to express and speak out our mind in front of others? Continue reading “Why Is It Essential to Express Our Emotions Openly?”

Parenting During Pandemic: How to Address Adolescent’s Fears and Keep Their Healthy Routines

Parenting During Pandemic: How to Address Adolescent’s Fears and Keep Their Healthy Routines

In South Asian countries like India and Pakistan, it has been three months since our lives and activities have become limited to our home only. Like everybody else, teenagers have also become the victim of this pandemic, and it brings them a set of newfound fears at an age when young people tend to feel invincible. Schools and colleges have been shut down with no favourable chances of reopening them soon. Many of my students are connected to me as well as parents; they usually share their concerns and hopes just to make sure things will going to be normal soon – which I also hope and pray. However, talking with them makes me think that students, especially teens, are at a significant transition period in their lives, and parents should consider this transition seriously. During this crucial period in their development, teens often are suddenly faced with processing a range of intense emotions, from fear and anger to sadness and grief. Continue reading “Parenting During Pandemic: How to Address Adolescent’s Fears and Keep Their Healthy Routines”