The Monk and the Fly: Lifelong Learning in a Short-Animated Movie

A happy Monk wants to meditate under a shady Banyan tree. What could possibly go wrong?
By Ahmad Amirali

Have you ever wondered, what thing(s) does people need desperately in their lives? Love, Money, Success and the list goes on. Yes, we are desperate because we are humans and humans have desires and needs for which they work hard to achieve them. To fulfil our desires we, humans, sometimes get hurt and suffer but sometimes we do hurt others to avoid suffering. In short, humans are vulnerable species with sensitivity and emotions. I believe we all have one common feature which we shared; Peace and tranquillity. We feel peace within when we stop demanding to expect from our lives. We give peace when we start accepting differences. Interestingly, in the first place, we are the reasons differences. We bordered ourselves from each other, and then we start worrying about how to resolve these issues.

The Monk and the Fly (2010), is a short animation movie from IRISH Film Board, directed by Matthew Darragh and Produced by Sean Smith. The video is about a Monk (Samurai) wanted to meditate under the shady tree. The space occupied by the frog at first, but then he moves the frog away and then sits on a comfortable spot. Everything was perfect the sun, the breeze, the shade of the breezy tree leaves, suddenly he hears a buzzing sound of a ‘Fly’. He did everything to get rid of that fly which was kept annoying him. Finally, he gave up the struggle, and it is then an unexpected thing happened, and he learned something — the frog which he moved-away earlier catches the fly and ate it.

Sometimes, we destroy everything even things which we loved most to fulfil our desired and to achieve our life ambitions. Ignoring the most straightforward solutions to our problems.

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