The Story of the Lion and the Mouse – Inspirational Short Stories Series (Chapter: 3)

Why Generosity Is the Essential Skill, Our Teens Must Learn in Today’s Time?

Being generous doesn’t mean to simply be courteous, polite, or friendly, although those things contribute to the overall power of generosity. However, being generous is all about treating others who surround you with care, compassion, concern, and acceptance. Sometimes generosity and kindness are mistakenly associated with naivety or weakness, that can cause some people, including image-conscious teenagers, to try to avoid being labelled as kind or caring. Recent research reveals that kindness is one of the essential skills that every individual should possess in 21 century to achieve important goals in life. Karyn Hall PhD, director/owner of the Dialectical Behavior Therapy Center in Houston, Texas, believe that Kindness is a valuable interpersonal skill with many benefits. It’s not just the recipients of kindness who benefit, but people who practice kindness also experience many advantages.

The lion and the mouse is the Aesop’s one of the marvels from his collection of fables. The story of the unusual friendship and kindness that has been told since centuries and it’s still making perfect sense, especially in a time where love, generosity and care is kind of lost its meaning.

I have started making short animated inspirational videos for children discussing fundamental values in a story-telling format. Every story will convey a message, in the end, to reflect upon whether we are leading our lives in the right manner or not? The third instalment of this series is the story of two unusual species who learned how to spread kindness and that one day that kindness finds its way back to you when you needed it most.

Let’s watch this beautiful, timeless story.

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  1. Indeed, I would second with the thought when you be generous to people, you open the door of blessings upon you. I consider generosity as the most selfish act, because even if you are kind and courageous purposefully it ultimately returns back to you. As depicted in the story, it is a game of give and take but once you learn to be generous without being desirous you will see it everywhere in the universe.

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