Throw a Coin and Make a Wish – Is it that Simple?

Throw a Coin and Make a Wish – Is it that Simple?
By Ahmad Amirali

Yesterday, one of my students asked me ‘Sir, is throwing a coin in a fountain would grant you a wish?’ I replied ‘the better way to make your wishes come true is to work hard and have faith in God’s plan. If that wish is a benefit for you, you will be awarded. However, I was wondering, is it that simple? Throwing a coin into a unique fountain or well means good luck?

The short-animated film ‘The Wishgranter (2016)’ is based in a world where mythical creatures that live under fountains grant wishes, an apathetic Wishgranter is forced to go above ground to grant a wish of love. The idea of creature living under such ‘make a wish’ fountain is unique and raises a logical question on those who thought that ‘tossing a coin in a well can eradicate all the problem in one’s life’ — the film directed by Kal Athannassov and John McDonald.

The Plot and Synopsis: The short film tells the story of a creature (granter), who lives under the wish-granting fountain and at the push of a button he makes an anyone’s wish come true who throw a coin in the basin. The story twisted when he needs to bring two persons together but the wishing well machine gets plugged, and he brings them together by some emergency procedures. I like the conclusion of the film, where the wish-granter itself make a wish to bring the couple together. The idea here is that human-made problems can only be resolved if the human wants to do some work to solve them. There is only one God who has the power to grant anyone’s any wish and he do not live under the fountain or a well 😀

Let’s watch this exciting movie

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