Why Do Children Misbehave? – Reasons and Solutions

Why Do Children Misbehave? | Reasons and Solutions

There were times when parents consider every bad behaviour of their child as ‘Misbehaviour’ or disrespectful. The situation is most likely the same nowadays when parents usually ask me, ‘I don’t know why my kids’ behaviour is like this or should I consult any doctor or child specialist’. These concerns made me think, why is a person who just stepped into this world unable to comprehend their parents. There are many ways to read your child’s behaviour; Books, videos, counselling or, most importantly, talking to your child’s school teacher. However, above every possible way, parents are the most likely source where children feel secure and comfortable. Talk to them, try to understand why they behave in a particular way for a specific situation.

I made a visual presentation for those parents who want to understand their children’s unusual behaviour at home and school. I provided eight reasons why do children misbehave in their daily routine.

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