Why Is It Essential to Express Our Emotions Openly?

Why Is It Essential to Express Our Emotions Openly?

In our daily lives, we often encountered certain experiences, either from a known person or a distant colleague, that we are afraid to share it with anyone or even talk about it. Sometimes we scared that people might take it wrongly or once we get started, we may not be able to stop, and that will be very embarrassing. Interestingly, it is not the experience or an incident that we afraid to speak of, but it is the emotions and feelings that generated from that experience which we afraid to express it to anyone. Being a teacher, I experienced such behaviours from my students as well when they don’t speak out their minds and even resist to share their opinions openly in the classroom. Upon asking, I hear the same old reason, ‘what if someone rejects or laugh at my point?‘ I always wonder, why sometimes it’s easy to feel, decide or think about anyone or anything inside our head. But it’s much harder to express it out loud? What happened if we resist our self to express and speak out our mind in front of others?

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Dr Arturs Miksons is a certified doctor and works at the Rigas Stradins University, Clinic of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy department. He believes that every culture assigns stigma or value to different styles and levels of emotional expression, creating an instinct to repress or reject feelings associated with discomfort. Miksons lays out the benefits of discarding unhelpful social stigma and explains why expressing our emotions constructively can help build resilience to endure trying times.

In his TED talk, he discusses and raises one of the most common issues of our generation; why we sometimes resist expressing our emotions openly?

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