Why Kids Need a Champion in Their Lives?

Why Kids Need an Inspiration in Their Lives?
Ahmad Amirali

There were and are several instances during my teaching where students express their feelings, good or bad, about my personality, the way I talk, the clothes I wear, even the bracelets which I habitually wear in school, the way I smile, crack jokes etc. Expressive student behaviour shows how much students aware of you, inspire you or hate you. In my case, not always students inspire me, some compete with me, struggle to like me or just don’t even bother whatever I said to them. Overall, students first human encounter they ever have outside their family are you guys – Teachers. We, teachers, have we ever wondered what the value of human connection in our profession is? Off-course, we do reflect on our teaching strategies, lesson plan techniques and designing/redesign curriculum framework that best suit our classroom needs. But still, we always complain that some students or a particular do not take an active interest in classroom activities or a specific student is very much engaged in other subjects except mine.

James Comer, a well-known child psychologist, once said that ‘no significant learning could occur without a significant relationship’. I believe it’s true, because ‘Kids don’t learn from people they don’t like’ (Rita Pierson). Rita Pierson is a teacher for 40 years raises a question Does Kids needs someone whom they inspire with to become a good human? Let’s review her Ted Talk and see how she explains the concept of teacher-student relationship.

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