Why the Educator’s Self-care is as Important as Students’ Psychological Development?

Why the Educator’s Self-care is as important as students’ Psychological Development?
By Ahmad Amirali

When I chose teaching as a profession, the first thing that I learned was being a reflective teacher. I believe, maybe I am exaggerating, teaching is the only profession where employees keep reflecting on their work. However, apart of classroom teaching, how much of these reflections help teachers for their wellbeing? Sometimes teachers get fired-up due to heavy class schedules, weekend projects and tentative lesson plan submissions. Teachers hardly get enough time and energy for themselves or their personal life. I still remember last year when I was in the sour-phase of my own life, I had to go to my classroom with a smile on my face. I think this is the best part of being a teacher because my students and teaching helped me get over my stress. However, generally speaking, being a teacher is an emotional roller coaster.

The question is how vital educator’s wellbeing is in their daily lives?

Kelly Hopkinson, a UK primary school teacher, a yoga teacher and a single mom of 2 talks about how she transformed her panicky life by prioritising self-care in her daily routine. Let’s review her TED talk.

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