Why You Should Make Your Life Spectacular – Robin Williams

Why You Should Make Your Life Spectacular – Robin Williams

Nowadays, students are at the height of school exam pressure, and most of them are wondering the same question I used to ask during my school days ‘what am I going to do? Where am I going to be in 10 years?’ When I hear that students are concerned about their future, I reflect on what makes them worry so much about their careers at 14 or 15 years old. I believe the answer is right, hidden in the question itself. Society, parents, relatives, teachers, even a coach – everyone is expecting something from you, Students.

It is not like I am against this approach; it is good to see my students worry about their future, planning for whatever endeavour they want to achieve in their lives at that early age. However, when the planning starts getting on their nerves, such as high achievers, good grades etc., they start messing with the peace of students’ minds. Ask yourself, is it making any difference if you secure less and someone secures high? Achieving high positions will not guarantee you the highest career position. I know many will argue with me on this approach to life, but the question is, What is your definition of achievement? How do you define the best career? How you define progress, failure or success? It’s all in your head. But Sir, then how I would able to compete with the world?

Why do you want to compete? What is the definition of competition for you? Is it to keep moving forward without looking at anyone (family, friends, fun, joy, relations) or is competition the name of progress, whether slow or fast, more or less, pass or fail? Yup, failing is also progress because you learn from your mistakes. You learn something that you need not repeat in future.

The Robin Williams speech from an old movie Jack (1996) reminds me of that struggle I had during my youth, and now I see it in my students. Always remember, grades will never measure your intelligence. Marks will not define your path to success or your future. In the end, you will decide whether you want to fly high or want to halt somewhere, so life passes by slowly. It will be you, so keep your spirits high and keep working hard, and live your life fully as you have it. J

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