World History Series Documentaries: The Crusades – Episode 01: The Origins

Have you ever wondered why we study history in our schools, or what importance does history have in our present lives? The majority of you might answer, explore the impacts of the past on our current lives, or know the various foundations of our present identity. All these answers make perfect sense, but what if I tell you that studying history might have changed the way we see things in our current time? History allows us to observe and understand how people and societies behaved. It shows us how change happened in the past and how these changes impacted the communities later-on. Our present is one of these impacts.

I have initiated a World History Series on my YouTube channel that will shed some light on history’s most controversial events that have become the turning points for human civilisation. This series will be in the form of short episodic narrative documentaries. The emphasise will be on simple yet engaging content for audiences of any age. The first instalment in this series is the Crusades, a sequence of religious wars initiated and supported by the Latin Church in the medieval period. The term ‘Crusade’ refers primarily to the Eastern Mediterranean campaigns between 1095 and 1271 that had the objective of conquering the Holy Land from Islamic rule.

The first of five episodes on this topic is The Origin. As described by its name, it will create some groundings for the audiences to analyse the reasons behind this historic catastrophe that had shocked the foundations of humanity.

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