World History Series Documentaries: The Crusades – Episode 03: The Final Siege

When I was in high school, our sports coach gave us a 20-minute speech on goal setting. At that moment, we all were making fun of him, but later in our lives, we felt its importance. Goal setting is essential for a healthy and happy life but sticking to that goal is even more beneficial. This is the area where most of us lack where we put a lot of effort into our goal setting but eventually adrift from the track—resulting in falling back to our old habits and simply give up. History is full of such foolishness where people set up goals and embarked upon them, but they simply forget about it. One such example can be found in the late 11 century where a group of people set off to achieve a cause but eventually ended up ruining it by killing thousands to accomplish that goal.

I have initiated a World History Series on my YouTube channel that will shed some light on history’s most controversial events that have become the turning points for human civilization. This series will be in the form of short episodic narrative documentaries. The emphasis will be on simple yet engaging content for audiences of any age. The first instalment in this series is the Crusades, a sequence of religious wars initiated and supported by the Latin Church in the medieval period. The term ‘Crusade’ refers primarily to the Eastern Mediterranean campaigns between 1095 CE and 1271 CE that had the objective of conquering the Holy Land from Islamic rule.

In this episode, ‘The Final Siege’, we will see how crusaders managed to siege the Holy land of Jerusalem at the cost of thousands of innocent lives who simply assassinated at the hands of crusaders.

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